Exposing False Teaching

Dan Corner Exposes False Teachers

The following are selected articles by Dan Corner on exposing the false teachers of our age.

Woe To You When All Men Speak Well Of You

The woes in the Bible are important to take note of. One seems to specifically address ministry popularity unlike anything else. It is also related to a characteristic of the false prophets. Ponder it carefully: Woe to you when all … Continue reading →

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The Last Generation

As our world continues to fall apart it is only natural for Christian people to wonder if our generation is the last generation. Especially with the news media magnifying the weird Mayan calendar and its Dec. 21, 2012 date people … Continue reading →

Dan Corner Debates False Teacher Dave Hunt

Dan Corner Exposed a False Teacher Before Dave Hunt started his ministry he had a career as a CPA- management consultant and also managed several corporations. His religious beliefs have been influenced by Plymouth Brethren. Now Hunt is a popular …Continue reading →

It Is Also Written

A surprising detail about the devil is, he can actually quote Scripture! He did that when he tempted Jesus! Imagine that! The evil one, who hates God’s word and steals it away from some (Mt. 13:19), will also quote Scripture … Continue reading →

Sodom and Gomorrah

While describing and refuting the grace changers of his day, Jude mentions the details about two of the most notorious cities named in the Old Testament (Sodom and Gomorrah): In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns …Continue reading →

Your House Is On Fire

Imagine what it would be like to be in a burning house, but not know it! To make matters worse, if you were in a deep sleep, in a burning house, your chances of escape would even be less. Next, … Continue reading →


Dan Corner Exposed Mark Driscoll For Doctrine and Blasphemy

Exposing Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll is a Calvinist and like others he teaches a license to sin! He does this various ways and seemingly pleases his professing Christian audience as it is done! How does Mark Driscoll do it? One of the ways is he maintains that the Prodigal in Jesus’ teaching (Luke 15:11-32) always remained saved, even though he strayed into wild living, which included sexual immorality with prostitutes! Dan Corner exposed his heretical views during a radio debate they had together. Because Mark Driscoll teaches once saved always saved, he must (like all other such teachers) declare such a false grace message to be consistent. By teaching the prodigal remain saved while in sexual sin, he indirectly taught there are sexually immoral Christians, which is grossly contradictory to the Scriptures. The clearest passages which say there is no such thing as a sexually immoral Christian are 1 Cor. 6:9,10; Rev. 21:8; Gal. 5:19-21; etc., but once saved always saved teachers must misinterpret them to allow for such under Calvinism. Hence, the Calvinists will always make such VILE allowances for backsliders. The saddest part of the whole message he proclaims is, he is assuring backslidden people who were once saved that they do NOT have to repent for salvation sake since he is telling them they never lost it and will never lose it under any circumstances.

Driscoll’s Blasphemy Exposed

The shocking way Mark Driscoll blasphemes the Lord Jesus is most disturbing. He is open and bold in his insults and sacrilege. How could any God fearing person just sit back and listen to such talk without being totally repulsed is beyond me! That implies some idea of the spirituality of his following. Folks, that is the precious and sinless Lord Jesus, who is also God in the flesh who he is blaspheming. The Lord of Glory is the one who is getting blasphemed! Yet Mark Driscoll’s heart and his doctrine allow for such wickedness. His supporters are sharing in his bad “fruit”! Mark Driscoll was already exposed by Dan Corner as a false teacher and now his behavior (according to Jude) is not out of the norm for the grace changers, which he is part of. Mark Driscoll is Biblically disqualified over his doctrine and ungodly character (Titus 1:6-9; 1 Tim. 3:1-12). In spite of this nothing changes in our apostate day. His popularity and message aren’t hurt! The harm he is doing to SOULS is beyond measure, but because his influence is so great it has to be vast! When will church people learn that popularity is not a sign of soundness. Though Driscoll might have charisma in the eyes of some, he is a terrible spiritual failure to the well versed Christians.

Background: Mark Driscoll’s Influence Exposed

Mark Driscoll is the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. Mars Hill is a large mega church with various locations in different states. There is a Mars Hill church or churches in Washington, California, Oregon and New Mexico. Mark Driscoll himself is considered one of the top 25 most influential pastors of the past 25 years and is often quoted by friend and foe. He is also the co-founder of the Acts 29 church-planting network. Furthermore, he is one of the co-founders of Churches Helping Churches, which alone raised over $2.7 million to help rebuild Haitian churches after their 2010 quake.


Mark Driscoll’s church website is http://marshill.com and Dan Corner exposed Driscoll’s doctrine and blasphemy at http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/mark_driscoll.htm

Eternal security debate between Dan Corner and Mark Driscoll transcript and observations can be found at http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/MarkDriscoll.htm

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