The HOUSE of God | Temple of God | By Dan Corner

In Old Testament times, the “house of God” was a building in one specific location (Psa 84:10). However, after Jesus died on the cross, the physical body of the Christian is the temple (or house) of God. Again, the house of God is not a church building now. Christians are the house of God, but only if they hold on to their courage and the hope of which they boast (Heb 3:6). See also 1 Cor 3:16,17 in the NKJV.

Please also know that the man made, so-called tabernacle inside the Catholic church where the left over wafers (or Eucharist) are kept is not the house of God:

However, the Most High does not live in houses made by men. (Acts 7:48)

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Is Mary The Refuge Of Sinners?

The Catholic church continues to present an image of Mary, the mother of Jesus, that is so distorted it is actually Biblically unrecognizable and dangerous! To just single out one of their distortions from the long list of glorified titles and exalted roles the Catholic Mary has been given, the one stating she is the Refuge of Sinners has led to many misguided prayers to her for salvation itself. Imagine that! Sincere people, who want salvation and recognize their own spiritual needs, are going to a non-existent female refuge of sinners, instead of the precious Lord Jesus himself, who is the real Refuge of Sinners! Catholics should realize since the dying thief went to Jesus directly, without any help from Mary, and he got forgiven and found salvation (Lk. 23:42,43), then such will also work for them today. May Catholics go to Jesus as we are shown to do, instead of another, who can’t produce the important desired results.

[Dan Corner is a former Roman Catholic.]