Heretics of Our Time

Heretics of Our Time

Selected readings from the Dan Corner websites on heretics and heresy of our time.

Dan Corner Exposed Mark Driscoll For Doctrine and Blasphemy

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Exposing Mark Driscoll Mark Driscoll is a Calvinist and like others he teaches a license to sin! He does this various ways and seemingly pleases his professing Christian audience as it is done! How does Mark Driscoll do it? One … Continue reading →

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The Last Generation

As our world continues to fall apart it is only natural for Christian people to wonder if our generation is the last generation. Especially with the news media magnifying the weird Mayan calendar and its Dec. 21, 2012 date people … Continue reading →

Dan Corner Debates False Teacher Dave Hunt

Dan Corner Exposed a False Teacher Before Dave Hunt started his ministry he had a career as a CPA- management consultant and also managed several corporations. His religious beliefs have been influenced by Plymouth Brethren. Now Hunt is a popular …Continue reading →

Impossible To Renew Them Again Unto Repentance

[Bible Question] I agree that salvation can be lost, but to be saved a second time is an impossibility according to Heb. 6. There is only one salvation and if that salvation is lost it cannot be restored. Heb 6:4 … Continue reading →


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