What Are Near Death Experiences?

A popular topic of our hour is near death experiences (NDE). Near death experiences, also sometimes referred to as out of body experiences (OBE), happen when people claim to have visions of themselves or others who have passed away during a moment when their heart has stopped. A vital point with near death experiences is the fact that they are contradictory to each other and to the word of God. They are clearly a way for the devil to deceive people away from the Biblical message. NOTE: ANY and all experiences which conflict with the message of the Bible cannot be from the same source that produced the Bible, namely God. The ONLY way to enter God’s loving presence and paradise environment after death is to be a Bible defined Christian, which is impossible without Jesus Christ (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; John 10:9).

Evangelical Dan Corner explains near death experiences and how they can adversely affect people spiritually. To read more go to Evangelical Outreach.

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