Too often, those who have found true salvation have afterwards turned away from the Lord Jesus and have become both spiritually dead and lost again like the prodigal son did (Luke 15:24). Some of the people who lose their salvation want to find their way back to God, but feel that they may have sinned too much to ever be forgiven. In contrast, the Bible gives us examples of how others have returned to God and have been forgiven again. When a person becomes repentant, turning away from their idols to serve God, they can find forgiveness and salvation.

Holiness Preacher Dan Corner uses examples in the Bible to show that God provides forgiveness to those who have become backsliders, who repent so that they can live a spiritual life again. Dan Corner uses the words of the Bible to explain this and many issues that are of present-day concerns to Christians and those who are looking for salvation. To learn more, visit

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